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How to write a good book? Join our Writing workday October 9!

How to write a good book at a writing workday with tandem services


A half-day Writing Workday where we set the foundation for how to write a good book. We dig in to our WIPs (works in progress), fiction or nonfiction, and learn how to set the right foundation for them. And if you’ve already started, we’ll have a method to see if what you’ve done is working.

I’ll show you how I build it all out in Scrivener.

So YOU want to write a good book:

  • You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a solid foundation from the beginning
  • Maybe you’ve started a book, but you’re not sure if you’ve done it right
  • You’d like to make connections with other writers like you


  • A good evaluation of your current book
  • A plan to go forward on your book with a good portion of the work done at the Writing Workday
  • A set of questions and techniques you can use over and over on your future books

Each session will have PDF handouts and recordings that you can refer to for the life of the course. There will also be time to work through these questions with other writers in breakout sessions to brainstorm and ask questions. You’ll walk away with actual work done, not just ideas.

The breakout sessions were amazing! It wasn’t like most conferences where you learn something but don’t try it while you are in the moment. Everyone was so supportive and engaged. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! This was an incredible conference! I really appreciate all that you do for all of us.”

Xan Barnard, conference attender

READY TO DO IT? Click here to find out more and Register.

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