Write Engaging Novels that Hook Readers

Writing a novel is hard…

And one of the most rewarding things you can do. 

We’ll teach you how.

If you had a repeatable process that taught you the key components you needed to write a professional-level novel with complete confidence and clarity, would you be ready to make this year THE year you wrote and finished your novel?

She wrote a book in 10 weeks instead of a year

You can too.

As a confirmed pantser, I could plan on close to a year or more in the initial writing process.”

This is something we hear all the time: spending a lot of time to find the story.

Or finishing a book and needing significant rewrites.

Do you know how books the author above has now written? 

Over 19. (Yep.)

Do you know how long it takes her now? 

About 8 weeks for a first draft.

You need to know what questions to ask before you write.

You need to know what you’re going to write when you sit down.

Are you ready to write like this?

Reaching your writing goals requires action.

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Writing your novel starts with 5 key steps

  • #1. Learn how one simple question will jumpstart your novel.
  • #2. Learn how to make the characters in your novel feel like real people your readers know and love.
  • #3. Learn to craft a page-turning plot with a few basic questions.
  • #4. Discover the key question that unlocks your character’s journey in your novel.
  • #5. Learn the element that keeps readers thinking about your book long after they finished it.
  • What’s Next?
  • Write emotionally engaging characters, page-turning scenes, and compelling plots that hook readers to the end. All without taking the joy out of writing, endless planning, and massive rewrites.

Join the Novel Blueprint Signature Course today and save yourself from these frustrations.

How do I make the characters in my book feel like real people readers know and love?

I’m frustrated because I keep getting stuck in writing my novel and I’m afraid I’m never going to finish a book.

How do I write a novel good enough to keep my readers up late at night reading?

I’ve always wanted to write a novel but I have no idea where to start. It’s all too overwhelming.

Do you want to reach your writing goals this year?

Authors who beat the odds with the Novel Blueprint. Diana Lesire Brandmeyer. Liz Tolsma. Jennifer Lynn Cary. Tracy Borgmeyer. Alexandria Varian.

Reach your writing goals this year.

Write the books your readers want to read.

Headshot of Jennifer Crosswhite
Logo of Penguin Random House

Meet Jennifer Crosswhite

Hi there!

I’ve sat on both sides of the publishing desk.

I have over twenty years of experience in the publishing industry as a managing editor for a Big 5 publisher, a book coach, and editor, as well as an author.

I’m an Amazon bestselling author of 21 books with almost 10 million pages read and almost 80,000 readers.

Over 500 writers have gone through my coaching, editing, or teaching.

I’ve worked with authors at publishing houses such as HarperCollins, Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, Concordia, HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Credo Communications, Our Daily Bread, Hay House, KN Literary, Kregel, Baker, Barbour, Penguin Random House, and more.

I’ve worked on a number of USA Today and NY Times bestsellers and with other award-winning authors.

I’ve worked with indie and traditionally published authors, helping them write their professional-level book.

And I can help you.

I want to know how to write a great novel this year!

From nonfiction to middle grade series


12 Modules, 46 video lessons, 47 worksheets

Apply what you’re learning right now to create your professional-level novel.

Write emotionally engaging characters, page-turning scenes, and compelling plots that hook readers to the end. All without taking the joy out of writing, endless planning, and massive rewrites.

What the Novel Blueprint Signature System teaches you:

12 modules of self-paced content

  • Systems for success—how to make your writing time as effective as possible
  • Create compelling characters—3 full modules on this alone
  • Craft page-turning plots—3 full modules on this too
  • The big, medium, and small picture of structure.
  • We also talk about series, short works, tropes, and genre expectations.

And much more

It’s a repeatable system that you can use on all your books, an investment in all your future writing

Community & Accountability

  • A writing community where you can ask questions, discuss the lessons, and connect with other writers on the same journey as you.
  • Weekly live Q & A (recorded if you can’t make it.)
  • Ask your questions, share your struggles, celebrate your wins. You won’t go on this journey alone.

The Novel Blueprint Signature Course takes you through the 4 foundational elements of a professional-level novel

Diagram of the Four foundational parts of a story. Character, structure, story, scene
Woman laying on a blanket in a field reading with a bike nearby

Create Compelling Characters

A good book has a compelling character that does something worth watching. Readers will follow a great character through a bad plot, but they won’t follow a poorly rendered character through a great plot. And this confirms what we know from brain science. The brain wants to identify with the protagonist, so we have to make the protagonist worth identifying with.

Most writers will find that they are better at either plot or character creation. Or, it may change, depending on the project. With these steps you will be able to do both well.

  • Learn how to create the right amount of backstory for your character that actually matters.
  • Discover the lie your character believes, their biggest fear, their biggest secret, their dark moment, happiest moment, and wound.
  • Develop your character’s internal and external goals and learn which ones really matter.
  • Uncover how your characters personality affects how they see and move through the world.
  • Uncover how your characters personality affects how they see and move through the world.

By the time you’re finished, you’ll have confidence in creating characters that feel like real people your readers know and love. And they’ll want to read more.

Images of worksheets used in the Novel Blueprint signature course

You’ll get:

  • Worksheets for evaluating your WIP or brainstorming your novel against key character elements.
  • Key questions to uncover the elements you need to create compelling characters.
  • The snapshot method that uses these characteristics to build your back cover copy.
  • Begin to identify tropes and plot elements that result from your unique characters.

And more!

Story: Page-Turning Plots

Typerwriter keys close up that spell out STORY
Image of the Novel Blueprint signature course on a tablet

What you’ll get

From above of ruler with pencil and glasses placed on paper sheet of house plan for construction


You, my friend, are well on your way to a professional-level novel. We started with the foundational elements of character and story, but now we need to tie them together with the structure that makes your readers feel like they are on a rollercoaster ride and they don’t want to get off.

Here, you’ll:

→ Learn the key story structure that is intrinsically part of our brain.

→ The different levels of story structure (big picture, medium picture, small picture) and how they interact.

→ How goals, motivation, and conflict apply at every level of the story. 

→ Understand why you must have conflict, tension, and obstacles throughout your story.

Finishing this section will give you the confidence to write your scenes and chapters with the knowledge that you are crafting a story readers will love.

Modules from the Novel Blueprint Signature Course

You’ll get:

  • A fail-proof method to use internal and external conflict to move the story forward.
  • Important teaching on how to raise the stakes.
  • A method to brainstorm the goals, conflicts, and motivations of your characters based on the work you’ve already done.
  • A worksheet on how to maximize conflict, tension, and obstacles.

And much more!

The Novel Blueprint

The Novel Blueprint Signature Course gives you…

Gray Laptop on the Table with a blueprint

Choose the pricing plan that’s best for you

One Payment


3 Payments

$290 each

More results from authors who’ve used the Novel Blueprint Signature System.

Read more about how it helped these authors finish their books and meet their writing goals.

From 1 year to 8 weeks

Plus! These limited-time bonuses

Valued at over $600

Bonus 1: Editing Checklist

✏️ What are the things you need to do to polish your manuscript before sending it off to an editor?
✏️ Descriptions of different levels of editing. What kind of editor do you need? How can you talk confidently with industry professionals so you’re getting exactly what you want and need?

Bonus 2: How to Write a Series

Series can be a great way to build a fan base. What are the best practices and tips for doing this well?

Bonus 3: Release Checklist

You’ve written the book. Now it’s time to send it out into the world. What do you need to know? This checklist will walk you through it.

Bonus 4: Indie Publishing Process and Timeline

So you’ve decided to self-publish your book. It can seem overwhelming. This resource will walk you through the process with timelines so you’ll know exactly what you need to be doing and when.

Bonus 5: Book Promotion Secret Stash

All the places you’ll want to list your book when it’s released.

Bonus 6: Scrivener Templates of the Novel Blueprint

For Mac and PC. We’re a big fan of Scrivener, and we’ve developed a template to use in Scrivener that incorporates the Novel Blueprint.

Bonus 7: Video Walkthrough of Using BookFunnel

Bookfunnel is a great tool for book promotion and newsletter swaps with other authors. We show you how to do it.

Bonus 8: Video Walkthrough of Uploading Your Book to Amazon’s KDP

It can seem intimidating, but we walk you through it step by step in this video.

Questions Other Writers Have Asked Before Joining the Novel Blueprint Signature Course

At some point, almost every author will wonder if they can finish their book. Or if it’s any good. Even multi-published authors. You need to have some methods and mental ammunition to fight that battle. 

And you’ll find both inside the Novel Blueprint Signature System.

But you might still have other questions, like these:

Still on the fence?

If you read any one of the following and think “Yes! This is ME,”  then The Novel Blueprint Signature Course is perfect for you: 

A Woman Writing in Notebook Looking the laptop

This program might NOT be for you if…

You are looking for a guarantee you’ll make X amount of dollars or hit the New York Times bestseller list. No one can guarantee that, and you’d better run if anyone does.

You want a magic bullet that doesn’t require the challenging work of creating, writing, and revising a novel.

You’re not willing to take feedback to make your work better.

Overcoming a 5-year struggle

Take the Novel Blueprint Signature Course Challenge

Once you’re inside The Novel Blueprint Signature Course you’re going to be introduced to our signature 12-module curriculum.

This step-by-step action plan will help you write a professional-level novel without massive rewrites by focusing on brain science and foundation, timeless storytelling techniques. You’ll avoid common author pitfalls and learn the key questions you need—and the ones you don’t.

But unlike other writing courses or programs that expect you to follow cookie-cutter advice (based on what works for them)…

We’re bringing you a customizable, repeatable process that works with how you’re wired to create a professional-level novel writing system that works for you.

But you don’t even have to wait months or weeks to see tangible results from The Novel Blueprint Signature Course.

While you can start with the modules that address the issues youre struggling with in writing… When you get inside, we triple-dog-dare you to head straight to Module 1 and learn about Identity and Habits. 

In less than two hours, you’ll be well-equipped to design your custom writing process, system, and mindset to make each time you sit down to write more effective and productive. Because, let’s face it, few of us have unlimited time to write. 

And if you can get those kinds of results in the same amount of time it takes to watch Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version), just imagine where you’ll be a year from now after completing the program. 

So take a minute to think about how different your writing career could be a year from now…

And if you want to be in a place where you have novel-writing blueprint to follow, a personalized writing system that works for you, and a supportive community so you can hit your writing goals this year, the Novel Blueprint Signature Course will get you there. 

Choose the pricing plan that’s best for you

One Payment


3 Payments

$290 each

From an idea to completed novel in less than a year.

Barbara O. talks about how the Novel Blueprint helped her complete her idea into a novel

Are you ready to meet your author goals?

It’s time to take action.

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